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Monday, September 22, 2014

R104: Kiriya [Gymno] - Mission of a Wizards Apprentice (Part III) "Master Advanced Magic!" [ENG]
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  • Raw Provision: Boutuko
  • Transcription: Tester123
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Type-Setting: Boutoku & Satoshi 
  • Editing: Blackpaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun & Kingpin



Quick Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  Sorry for the slight delay in releases, I am back from vacation and decided to post the third installment of the Wizard's Apprentice story by Kiriya [Gymno] as we just released the first two parts in the previous Kiriya compilation book we just released.  We have PLENTY more books to be released as well as some exclusive releases so please keep checking back!  These next releases are all so freakin awesome and are done by some very talented authors!
   Again, the poll, this is an important one!  Please participate, it's multiple choice and relates directly to the next books that will be worked on.

Brief Summary:

    Main Story Staring Yuuhi & Norisuke (aka Nori)
    Bonus Story Staring: Mamoru & Mr. Alien Octopus

This story starts with a letter that Nori address to Yuuhi asking him to meet him in a special location...  Nori seems to keep calling Yuuhi cute and decides to share a secret with him due to that factor.  Apparently Yuuhi has special feelings for his once enemy, regardless of their past, Yuuhi studies the Phantom Flame grimoire with Nori - The goal is for Yuuhi to maintain concentration to perform more powerful flame spells and Nori knows just the right way to distract Yuuhi!  However, the distraction backfires a bit and Nori agrees to let Yuuhi to play for a bit.
    Yuuhi comes up with a counter note shortly after the study date and tries to confess his feelings to Nori, what ensues is some fun anda funny twist ending.  

    There is also a bonus story after the postscript, which I highly recommend you read!  The bonus story focuses on a shota named Mamoru and an octopus/tentacle type alien-man... It's a short erotic tale and a wonderful bonus story.
    To make things even more wonderful, there is an omake folder with some super awesome pics relating to this series and story!

    This is a superb Kiriya book and I purposely left out many details so the story isn't spoiled!

Artist's Websites:

///To Be Updated In Upcoming Artist Section - See Other Kiriya Releases For His Links\\\

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title: 
Minarai Majutsushi no Ninmu! 3 (見習い魔術師の任務! III)
English Title:
Mission of a Wizards Apprentice (Part III) "Master Advanced Magic!" 
Yaoi, Shota, Shota x Shota, Tentacles
Original Print Date:
12-30-2013 Comiket 85 (コミケ85)
Original Provider:
Kiriya (霧也)
Gymno [2Emegymnopedie]
Original Shota Series

Series: Wizard's Apprentice
Blog Release: 2014/09/22
42 + Credit Page + 8 Extra Omake Images
Total items in pack:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Release 103: Sam / Samwise [SSize] - Lovely Devil (Kingdom Hearts) [Eng]
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  • Raw Provision: Shinjisan
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Editing: Blackpaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun



Quick Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  Nothing new has really changed with the blog since the last release.  We still have a lot of special stuff coming and links to be fixed, 95% of links are functioning again, if not more than 95%.  We have more books to release this upcoming week so keep checking back and aside from regular releases there are a few special releases to be coming out soon, Hataraki Bach - Busy Bee Translation exclusive material at that  <3  Thanks for the support everyone and hope you all are happy and healthy.

Brief Summary:

    This isn't exactly the longest translation coming in at 18 pages but it is really fun none-the-less.  This is a Halloween themed story focusing on Sora and Riku.  It's the time for Trick or Treat, I wonder which path the two will choose ^_^

Artist's Websites:

///To Be Updated\\\

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title: 
Lovely Devil
English Title:
Lovely Devil
Yaoi ; Sora x Riku; Shota
Original Print Date:
12-27-2013 Comic Market 85 (コミックマーケット 85)
Original Scanner:
Artist: Sam
(aka Samwise)
Kingdom Hearts (キングダム ハーツ)
Blog Release: 2014/09/14
18 + Credit Page
Total items in pack:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Release 102: Gonbuto [Ad-Hoc] - The Day We Mixed In The Sea (Nagi no Asukara) [ENG]
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  • Raw Provision: Shinjisan
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Editing: Blackpaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun



Quick Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  We have so much going on with the blog restoration and new releases.  This blog will no longer remain stagnant ever again.  There will be a minimum of two releases a week, some weeks more and some weeks less but at least one a week for sure.  There are just so many awesome books to be shared that I'm so excited!

THE MESSAGE BOARD/COMMENT SECTION HAS NOW BEEN OFFICIALLY RE-OPENED & CHECKED REGULARLY - The board is for visitors to chat with us, leave comments, chat with each other and much more, please read the rules before using that section of the blog.  We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts.

    MOST of the downed links have been fixed, the previous release's Update states what has been fixed over the past week.  All links should be finished by weeks end, it'll be announced with a special blog update and release.
   Please participate in this month's poll, it is an important one, the more votes the better!
   The "Artist Info" section has been started - it will include links to our favorite artists' homepages, pixiv, twitter as well as information about the artists.  It will be a great part of the blog to find work by artists you like and love.  This will take some time though.

   Last but not least, here is a taste of some titles of releases pending to be posted soon to get you guys all motivated and excited:

- Samwise - Lucky Devil (KingdomHearts Parody)
- Kiriya - Please Give Me Tsubasa
- Two (2x), Naco [Knuckle Chop] Yowamushi Pedal Parody Doujnishi
- A Special Sasorigatame 32+ FULL COLOR Image Set not shared ANYWHERE yet.
- Official Vocaloid Character Sets CV01 thru CV03
- Small Image Sets from Various Artists & other goodies between releases.
 This is just a sample of what's to cum, there is so much, much more - but why ruin the surprise?!

Keep checking back as you never know when a new release will be posted.

Take care for now,
- The Team @ Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations

P.S. Please feel free to comment on our posts, even if it is just a simple "cool book" or "thanks."  Your comments help motivate us to do more! 
  It also helps us help you with issues as well as determine what works you guys like and what you love as well as dislike. 
  You can check the like boxes or comment anonymously, you can use your Google id, or simply just put your screen name at the end. 
  Anonymity is something we respect deeply and we have no way of knowing who 'Likes', 'Dislikes' or even comments unless it's stated.

Onwards to the SUMMARY, LINKS & INFO!

Brief Summary:

    This story revovles around two shotas, Kaname and Hikari.  It is a parody of the anime series "Nagi no Asukara", a.k.a "Nagi-Asu" and in English "A Lull In The Sea." 
    The story starts off with a mysterious setting and then switches to Kaname chasing down Hikari after class.  Apparently, Kaname has made a few important decisions and has a a secret that Hikari discovered, to quote Hikari "You were like  a girl..."  Kaname knows Hikari had seen him doing something naughty but decides it's best for his buddy not to know.  However, with a sudden change of heart Kaname decides to explain about the Sea God and the two maidens he must protect since they are girls. Kaname also stated that the Sea God can tend to be a bit rough and isn't pleased with the maidens lately.  Hikari also adds that being born in a shrine makes Kaname close to god and he shouldn't be defiled.  Kaname is upset about that notion and refuses to not take part in the rituals  that haven't quite been made clear but reading between the lines you will know.  Kaname begs Hikari to teach him the basics so he may please the Sea God with Hikari.  Kaname realizes he is rushing into things but pushes past it.  Hikari and Kaname are aparently very close as it is mentioned that they have seen eachother dirty and clean, nude and clothed.  This is where my summary ends, the story really takes off and is a very erotic, cute and touching tale that only Gonbuto [Ad-Hoc] could tell (and draw) ^_^

    As an added bonus, the guys added an OMAKE (bonus) folder with fourteen (14) OFFICIAL images and sketches by Ad-Hoc that were not included in the doujinshi itself.  Some are really cute, some are pervy, all are a wonderful extra touch!

    Also, it is important to note that the story and bonus art are all uncensored.  Plus the pages of the story are large and very nicely drawn, a distinctive feature of Gonbuto [Ad-Hoc] work, but what would you expect from one of the best shota artists? =D

Nagi no Asukara (A Lull in The Sea) Series Wikipedia

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title: 
Umi ni Majiru Hi 「海に混じる日」
English Title:
The Day We Mixed in the Sea (Alt. title: The Day We Become One in the Sea
Secondary School Shota, Hikari x Kaname Parody, Shota x Shota
Original Print Date:
12-29-2013 Comic Market 85 「コミックマーケット 85」
Original Scanner:
Gonbuto 「ごんぶと」
Nagi no Asukara 「凪のあすから」
Blog Release Date:
26 + 14 Bonus Images + Credit Page
Total items in pack:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Re-Release 031: Uchouten - The Next Him (Spitfire Saga) & Uchoten - Spitfire 4 Komas & Many Rare Omake Images + Link Repair News

(REVISED 2014/09/08: Added More Fixed Links Below)

(REVISED 2014/09/05: Added More Fixed Links)

    Due to lost data when our FileHost crashed, I have decided to re-post Release 031 in a less jumbled way. 
    These Uchoten stories, 4koma and character sheets are very rare and I feel they were very hidden. Now maybe those that haven't seen this release can now.

    This celebratory pack was celebrating our 100,000th visitor, we're well past a million now ^_^ thanks to you guys!  There were other works in this pack and when found they will be listed under proper artist.

Mirror Link

** Hataraki Bachi Exclusive **

   These scans are from the rare SpitFire 'ero shota-manga' "SpitFire Classic". You won't find these anywhere else and this set comes with a special omake image set featuring more rare Uchoten images.

Mirror Link

Mirror Link

Blog Update:
 Links are under way of repairs, this particular re-listing is to fix a situation of release 31 and to organize the material better.

Many links have been fixed, I will update this list as I do more but as of this update these files are back up:

Release 034: Tachibana Momoya - Underwater Lovers (Translated) {Revised: 2014/09/03 - Link Fixed;

Mirror Link Added & Post Format Revision}

Release 032: Uchoten - Scarlet Perpetual (Translated)

Added & Post Format Revision}

Release 03X: 100k Blog Visitors Package --> Released as a re-release for organization issues.

Release 031: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Aero Cat Boys [Translated]

Release 030: Sabawo - Precocious Twins

Release 029: Oki no Matsushiro [Fuwawa] - His Royal Highness、Gaul's Reward (Dog Days) [Translated]

Release 028a: Yataneko - +Plus (C79) {Translated}

Release 028b: Yataneko - +Plus (C79) Version 2

Release 027: Hajime Imo [芋朔] - ShotaPlus (Translated)

Release 026: Tachibana Momoya - [Vol 2] Cheerboy: First-Year Student (Translated)

Release 025: Moco - Beyblade Metal Saga: Naughty Pic Collection [Translated]

Release 024: Kiriya [Gymno] - School Boys Pool Book [Eng]

Release 023a + 023b: Kiriya [Gymno] - School Boys Introduction Pack &  Kiriya - Masturbation

Special Release 004: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Shounen Tsubaki 7 [Translated]

MM7: Mangameeya 7 - Manga/Doujinshi reader & archiver

Special Release 004: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Shounen Tsubaki 7 [Translated]

Release 022: Tachibana Momoya [YamaMomoKajitsu] - Cheer Boy [Vol 1] - Under the Blazing Sun

Release 021: Gonta Kahoru [Ad-Hoc] - K.O. Round 5 (Summer Wars) [Translated]

Release 020: Ogataya Haruka - 37°C 2nd (Translated) {Book 2 of 2}

Release 019: Ogataya Haruka - 37°C (Translated) {Book 1 of 2}

Release 018:  Konata Hyuura - Cheer Manager [Translated]

Special Release 03: Easter + Spring Pack 2011 (Hetalia, Summer Wars & More)

Release 017: Nemu Nemu [Syumatsusyorijou] - My Little Brother [Translated]

Release 016: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Secret Laboratory [Translated]

Release 015: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Secret Alarm Clock [Translated]

Release 014: Kirigakure Takaya - Suki Suki Daisuki! [Translated]

Special Release 02: Exclusive Dog & Dog x Shota Commission!

Release 013: Uchoten [Luciferhood] - Night Fright [Translated]

Also, I fixed the problem with the date's coloring, it is no longer black but a nice bee-yellow ^_^

Brief Summary:
 There are three SpitFire items for download here.

"The Next Him" is a short, full color story.

"The SpitFire 4Koma + Omake" features a few translated and HQ Uchoten chibi 4Komas featuring some of our favorite SpitFire characters being silly.   The set has some hard to find SpitFire Character Cards as an omake."Asymmetric Wallpapers"  There are two enhanced wallpaper quality images and features SpitFire characters.  A cool addition to your collection at very least.

All three works have the same credit page as shown below:
  • Raw Provision: Dari-kun
  • Translation: Dari-kun  
  • Editing: Dari-kun & Hany
  • Proof-Reading: Dari-kun

THIS IS PART ONE OF RE-RELEASE 31 -  Got to find the missing data of the Kiriya story and the other ones.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Release 101: Uchouten - Night Flight [Tankoubon] (ENG) (200+ PAGES!)


Uchoten - Night Flight


  • Raw Provision: Koopa767
  • Translation: UchoFan1; Frost (Tenshi-Nyow); Fumeikun
  • Editing: BlackPaws
  • Type Setting: BlackPaws
  • Proof-Reading: Pappa Usagi & Kingpin

Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  To continue our 100th post we have decided to include an additional release.  This is a very special book and wonderful!
    Now that we have completed the preparations and release of the 100th release celebration, releases will now resume on a basis of a minimum of one release per week - we have many books awaiting release here but there was some snags since the two celebratory books, this one and the previous were so long.  Basically, we are back up and going again.
    The last few downed links will also be fixed within the week.

Take care for now friends,
- Dari-kun and everyone else at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations

Brief Summary:

    This Tankoubon is completely translated and uncensored.  A LOT of work went into this project, please let us know what you think.  Now, onward to the summary!

    This book consists of the following twelve (12) Chapters in the following order:

Scarlet Perpetual
Scarlet Infinity
Scarlet Infinity 2
Scarlet Infinity 3
Lost Peaceful
Artholic Boys
There's A First Time For Everything
Kids Fight
You Can Depend On Me
Night Fright
Midnight Nurse Call
Scarlet Infinity Sequel

   Most chapters of this book are continuations of the same stories which is really cool.  I will give a brief summary of each chapter and do my best to not spoil them.  This is such a wonderful work because Uchouten is the best! <3 Also because there is nothing better than stories that have more than one chapter!

Scarlet Perpetual:
    Rio-sama (Maiden) / Usual Caretaker - (Father) Muto-san / (Son): Ninja Nanahoshi
This is when Rio-Sama, the Shrine Maiden meets the shota Ninja Nanahoshi as he is filling in for his father Muto-san.  Nanahoshi wasn't expecting to find out the maiden's secret that only two others know about.  He quickly starts to help Rio-sama relax after being worn out from prayer.  Nanahoshi is surprised but not too hesitant to begin fullfilling his required task.  Within moments Nanahoshi and Rio-Sama are engaged in lustful bliss.  This first part of the story ends after a while with an unexpected twist.

Scarlet Infinity:
    The second part of the Scarlet saga starts off with the introduction of Manon.  Manon is Rio-sama's replacement and must be trained as Rio-sama is turning 16 - the age in which a new maiden takes over prayer duty at the temple.  The rules also mention that the new maidens have one secret in particular.  Manon starts to get jealous of Rio & Nanahoshi's closeness and goes to investigate why a particular light is on.  The next day Maiden Manon mentions what she say to Nanahoshi and since a ninja must follow his orders, Manon-sama and Nanahoshi experience something new to each of them.  The story ends with another unexpected twist.

Scarlet Infinity 2:
    To not spoil the story all I'm going to say is this story starts on Maiden Rio's last day and Maiden Manon's first official day as the Shinto Shrine Maiden.  Manon is cute and very pervy but there is something else on Rio-sama's mind.  However, that doesn't stop them from having an extraoridinary time together.  Rio-sama winds up in a surprising place and is still a part of the story.

Scarlet Infinity 3:
    I'm not going to say anything about this story as it would be a spoiler.  It's a great part of the story though!

Lost Peaceful:
    This is a different story than the Scarlet Series but a wonderful one none-the-less.  The main shotas in this story are Fujiwara & Sano.  Apparently Fujiwara has a deep secret that Sano wasn't expecting.  This story involves BDS&M, Multiple Partners and First Times!  It is really a great read!
Artholic Boys:
    A sports mishap leads shota Terasaki to retrieve their soccer ball from the place where the ball smashed a window.  Terasaki offers the owner to pay for the window but the owner was more concerned about a painting he was working on that got destroyed.  Trying to rectify the situation Terasaki volunteered to do anything to help this boy finish his painting.  However, the painting is a nude paiting and before you know it, Terasaki is posing nude!  Having trouble painting a boy, Terasaki is told to try some different positions one more provacative than the next.  This artist seems to have something else in mind other than painting... You'll have to read to find out what happens next!

There's A First Time For Everything:
    This story starts with two shotas playing a video game.  The winner gets to make the other person do whatever they want.  The winning shota, Yuuji, curious about penis size tells Nii-chan (his brother) that he wants to see his penis.  After showing Yuuji his chinchin the Nii-chan asks to see Yuuji's too, unhappy with the flacid chinchin of Nii-chan Yuuji is excited to hear that he can help make it bigger and Nii-chan will also make Yuuji's bigger.  What happens next is just what the title states, it's a first time story, including first cum (hehe his response was the same as mine at that age super cute and erotic!

Kids Fight:
    A second work featuring the characters from the previous story, Yuuji and his Nii-chan plus one more.  Yuuji apparently loved his experience so he told his good friend Kousuke about him and Nii-san.  Kousuke without hesitation says that he has heard many stories from Yuuji about Nii-chan's chinchin.  Just like the first installment of this original series, this second part features some real fun comedy and erotic shota!

You Can Depend On Me:
    People always mistake the ages of Tooru and his older brother - Ryou Niichan.  Since Tooru is shorter than his lil brother it seems everyone always calls Ryou the little one and treat him like a kid.  Both shotas dislike the misinterpretation.  Having trouble sleeping Tooru wants to sleep in the same bed with his niichan, Ryou... Did he read a scary book or see a scary movie?  Or is there a different problem... Read this story and find out just what lil Tooru needed his niichan for.

Night Fright:
    Kuon and his co-worker, the Pied Piper are involved in some sort of strange business, they find their target mission objective which is to pick up a young shota.  Kuon and the Pied Piper work for a powerful demon..what could they possibly want with this cute lil shota?  I'll give you a hint, three shotas and tentacles are involved ^_^

Midnight Nurse Call:
    This one involves a poor cute shota, Mamoru Fujita, who has been injured and is in the hospital.  Another shota whose father is a doctor helps out with the evening nursing duties. Our little injured shota, in a rush to the bathroom, stumbles upon the shota nurse and an older male... I wonder where this will lead!

Scarlet Infinity Sequel:
    The last chapter of the Scarlet stories, I'm just going to say that it's a lovely end to a nice set of stories :P

Artist's Websites:

** Will Be Updated - All Uchoten Links are in Previous Posts if you wish to see them before this is update **

Book Statistics:
Type of Material: Tankoubon 

Japanese Title:  Night Flight (ナイトフライト)
 English Title: Night Flight 
Genre(s): Yaoi, Shota, Jousou, Bondage, Nurse, Tentacles  
Original Japanese Print Date: 11-10-2006 Original Raw Provider: Koopa767 
Artist: Uchoten (有頂天)
Circle: Luciferhood (ルシファーフッド)
Parody: Original Shota Stories 
Source: N/A
Scanlation Release Date: 09-01-2014
Pages: 198 + Credit Page + Extras

Total items in pack: 204

Release 100: Kiriya [Gymno] - Gymno Compilation Book 1 (ENG) + Special 100th Release Bonus


Kiriya [Gymno] - Gymno Compilation Book 1 (ENG)


  • Raw Provision: Shinjisan & Boutoku
    Transcriber: Blackpaws
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Editing: BlackPaws & Boutoku
  • Proof-Reading: Papa Usagi & Kingpin

Exclusive Kiriya Image to Celebrate Our 100th Group Release

Exclusive Kiriya Image for our 100th Release - Created by someone who wishes to remain anonymous to celebrate our special occasion.  For full sized image please download from the buttons below.



     Hey Friends!  It is with extreme joy that we present you with a wonderful Kiriya Tankoubon as our 100th Group Post.  We have more than a hundred releases but this is our 100th official group release (meaning that multiple members participated).
   Since we have had some new members join us recently and some of us older members liked this idea too.  Here is an introduction of our newest members as well as comments from the team towards you guys for the support to help celebrate the 100th release.
   Dari-Kun:  "When we first started this group a couple of years ago, I had no idea how big it would be nor how wonderful it would be, I love my teammates and our visitors too!  I am so grateful to be a part of this group and look forward to contributing to our community for many more years to come."
    Gon Freecss {New Member}: "I've been around on Genki for a few years now, and wanted a way to give back to both Genki but also the wider community, and Hatarakibachi has given me that opportunity!"

    Toki-kun: "I've been around these parts for a while, you might have noticed me in various places.  A master of words, I help make sure the translations make sense despite all these yokels. :P  Thanks for coming by and enjoying our work."
    UchoFan1/Boutoku: "I'm really excited that our small group is growing and I hope we can provide more translations to the community! Special thanks to Shinjisan for allowing our group to translate exclusive and wonderful content. Also, thanks to all the busy bees who have helped Hatarakibachi produce a nice collection of translations!" ^_^

Special Note:  To further celebrate our 100th Release we have another special post coming right after this one!

Brief Summary:

    This is an absolutely wonderful compilation of Kiriya images. There are 6 Chapters total.

Ch.1: Mission of A Wizard's Apprentice! Mission Pt 1
Ch.2: School Boys! Pool Book
Ch.3: Mission of A Wizard's Apprentice! Mission Pt 2
Ch.4: School Boys! Bathhouse Book
Ch.5: Dialect Boys Anthology
Ch.6: Illustrations

I am not going to go into full in-depth coverage of these stories.  This Tankoubon has stories from the great artist Kiriya and focuses on his two most popular stories; The School Boys Saga and the Wizard's Apprentice Saga.  The last chapter of the book features some really cute and naughty pictures of the characters of this series as well as a bonus additional story!

This book has been completely translated and uncensored and features 159 pages of Kiriya awesomeness.  Even if you have read a story or two from previous releases, I recommend that you read them again as this is an officially revised Tankoubon.

NOTE: A Tankoubon is a compilation of stories created by the same artist and sometimes joint project artists.  An anthology, although not mentioned here, is a book with multiple stories from different artists following a particular theme.

Artist's Websites:

** To Be Updated **
Currently Unavailable - Available In Other Kiriya Posts

Book Statistics:
Type of Material: DoujinshiJapanese 

Title:  Gymno Soushuuhen Sono 1 (GYMNO 総集編 その1)
English Title: Gymno Compilation Part 1
Genre(s): Yaoi, Shota, School Boys, Tentacles, School Uniform, Magical BoyOriginal
Print Date: 03-09-2014 
Original Provider: Shinjisan and Boutoku 
Artist: Kiriya (霧也)
Circle: Gymno
Parody: Original Shota Stories: School Boys Saga & Wizard's Apprentice + More 
Translation Release Date: 09-01-2014 
Pages: 159 + Credit Page + Extra image 
Total items in pack: 161

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Late August Blog Update + Vocaloid CV03 - Len & Rin Kagamine (Pre-Release)

 (To view full sized images right click the image and select 'View Image')

 Hello Friends!
    It has been a very very busy summer for us here at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations.  There is a small delay in releases as we have a special celebratory 100th group release and 101st group release coming in the next couple of days.  The books are by Uchouten and Kiriya and are wonderful translations.
   To celebrate our 100th group release we have a special project to go along with it as well as an introduction of new members and member comments.  This is all being wrapped up and with the upcoming celebratory release we have a BUNCH more translations to share.  It is with sincere apology that nothing has been released recently but it was all in anticipation of this milestone event for our group.  
   Of course, we have well over 100 releases here at Hataraki Bachi, this is official group release 100 meaning that it is our 100th work that the group has worked on together.  The other releases are solo projects, and pre-Hataraki Bachi work by us founding members and newer members.  There is also the blog update releases and special image sets that do not use the Release # that we use for group releases.
    The above images are official Vocaloid images from a Project in the works.  This is a sneak peak of what is to come there is 3 small books in this series. CV01, CV02 and CV03.  I chose to use some of the more favored Vocaloids - Len and Rin.  Can you think of a cuter pair of Vocaloids?  These images are pre-release images and are not as high quality of the images to come.
   The poll has been extended to the end of the month, please participate in the multiple choice questions as it helps us decide what to translate next.

   On behalf of everyone at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations, we thank you for your continued support and visits.  After the upcoming celebration releases business will return to normal and there is a bunch of great material that is begging to be released.  Thanks for your patience and understanding to this matter and we look forward to hearing from you guys and remember, all comments get replied to on our translations so don't hesitate to write.  Take care for now!

Dari-kun & The Staff at Hataraki Bachi