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Welcome Friends To Our Winter Holiday Extravagansa!

Welcome Friends To Our Winter Holiday Extravagansa!
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Release 010: Nanamatsu Kenji [Egodance] - Turnover! (Summon Night 4) [Translated]

Revised: 2014/11/22 {Fixed Links & Added Mirror Link}

Mirror Link

Translated by: Dari-kun
Uncensored by: Hany
Edited by: Hany + Dari-kun
Proof-read by: Haruka
Raws: Boutoku


Brief Summary: 

This is the latest release from us over at Hataraki bachi: Busy Bee Translations!  This book is rather special and is the culmination of a lot of effort and work and I believe the end result is rather awesome!  This is a Summon Night 4 book, it has character pages of Reshii, Lucian, Ray and Ariba.  
The main story features two parts; Master Ray x Lucian during the first part with some kinky Omorashii action and the second part is Lucian x Master Ray with them switching their Seme/Uke roles!  This book is rather raunchy, don't let the innocent looking cover fool ya! The characters are super cute and innocent looking but that innocence doesn't exist if you ask me XD man are they naughttttyyyy!  Just how naughty you ask? Go read the book to find out! Egodance is one of my favorite authors, he has some amazing talent and hopefully this book will show ya!

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