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Welcome Friends To Our Winter Holiday Extravagansa!

Welcome Friends To Our Winter Holiday Extravagansa!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Release 012: Hoshino Fuuta - Mitsubitashi (Mitsudomoe) [Translated]

Translated by: Boutoku + Frost
Edited by: Hany
Proof-reader: Frost


Brief Summary:

   Here at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations, we have been some, very busy bees!  Here is another translated Hoshino Fuuta story full of pervy goodness! This story is based on the popular manga/anime series Mitsudomoe.  Personally, I love this series, it's fun, pervy and just so freakin silly to the max, it'll make even the hardest of hard-asses laugh their butts off! XD  
Alas, this is a summary of the story and not the series.  What Hoshino Fuuta did here was take two very cute characters, Mitsuba and Satou, and he (or she?) locked them in a lil place and...well.. (hmm how to explain this) ... Satou bangs Mitsubaaaaa~~~~ Hehehe, that should be all the inspiration you need to go read this! But, incase it's elaborate a little more, there is sillyness and sexyness cleverly intertwined in this super fun book! Go and read it now and then you may die happy! =)

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