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Welcome Friends To Our Halloween Ressurection!

Welcome Friends To Our Halloween Ressurection!
Trap or Treat? Or is the trap the treat!? XD / Img by: Takocha

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations Revival Project!

Artist: Ikezaki Misa
Translated & Edited By: Dari-kun

Blog Update: 

Hello friends both old & new,
After a long time of hiatus, I am ready to start doing more translations. However, there IS a catch. Do people still come here? I wonder... It's been years since we posted new stuff but there IS new stuff ready!

(If this post gets enough replies and/or likes than the Revival Project will kick off including new translation posts! Please like or comment)

Unfortunately, After such a long hiatus most of the crew has moved on. So, we have openings for those of you that would like to be a part of the blog. We need a proof-reader, editors, translators, material providers, etc. If you are interested please e-mail us @ if you want to join the team.

Rules & Requirements for Membership:

- Must be 18+ years old (NO EXCEPTIONS)

- No Chomos/Pedos, this is an Ero Doujinshi blog & any talk / posts on that topic will be reported to authorities. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

- We need team players but you are allowed to have "single-person" work posted [work you did/do alone]. This is a stress-free hobby so we dont set too many deadlines (depending on job function, for ex. If we need a proof-read before post - that'd be better sooner than later)

- We use Dropbox, so you will need one

- This is a non-profit hobby site, we will not take payment to do translations (however we do consider requests for free) & all copyright material is owned by respective parties and can be removed if the artist or a representative asks it via e-mail.

If you apply please put "membership" in e-mail subject and specify what role(s) you want. Please include an example of your abilities if possible.

Here's to a new chapter in Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translation. Expect new material to be released shortly! 💖 

I look forward to getting back to the glory we once were at!

P.S. Please report any dead links in the Chat/Comment Board section & I can fix them but 90% of the material is still accessible

P.P.S. This Revival is solely based on you guys, our fans.  Meaning if this doesn't get support it wont happen lol! You can comment anonymously or with ur sn but if there was ever a time to show your love, now is the time! 😉

Friday, December 19, 2014

Kiriya [Gymno] - Mission of a Wizards Apprentice 1 (Doujinshi Version) [Trans-Eng]

Kiriya [Gymno] - Mission of a Wizards Apprentice 1

 ※ Being we have done a lot of Kiriya work; We have a Doujinshi of Volume 3 translated, as well as Volume 2 - which was featured in that wonderful Kiriya Anthology we released back in September.  Both Volumes' posts can be obtained/views via the link below.  It is using a tag so it will only show those two books. ^_^  For more of our Kiriya work please click the Tag on the left with his name between asterisks.  I believe Volume 1 has already been release but not in Doujinshi form, this format provides more material such as the covers, author comments and illustrations that are not found in larger Anthology works.  So the team saw it fit to provide this version of Volume 1 as well!

Mirror Link


  • Raw Provision: Shinjisan
  • Transcription: Blackpaws & Kingpin
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Editing: Blackpaws & Liberalis
  • Proof-Reading: Kingpin & Sequi 

    Quick Blog Update(s) & News: 
        The plans for the contest mentioned earlier this week have been made, prizes have been established and will be launched very soon, the exact date is to be a surprise.  ^_^
        Obviously, the author section of the blog is not ready for the public but after the holidays I believe it will be opened.
        Lastly, we are keeping an eye on the current poll for the Christmas release, it is definitely leaning towards Winter/Holiday Shota & Kemono, with a Fun Surprise trailing behind.  The theme is pretty much set, a Winter/Holiday...something.  There is very few days left on this poll so please make your votes!!
        P.S. Sorry for the three day delay, something important came up but back to as many releases as possible this week especially!

Brief Summary:

    This is an original Shota series by Kiriya.  Unlike the School Boys! series, the Wizards Apprentice is more demon slaying and playing.  I really liked this story for many reasons but anything with tentacles is always fun! XD  So, main plot of the story is the protagonist Yuuhi is a Wizards Apprentice, he encounters an evil boy named Nori.  Both inexperienced in their fields something goes terribly wrong in a very erotic way.  The story is really a page turner and being it has a different theme than usual Shota doujinshi, I take a very particular liking to it.  Most doujinshi have shotas in the "real world" what I love about this book and series is the magic aspect which gives the series a unique type of feel.   Especially when it comes to clothing and how the scenes play out.
    Basically, if you liked ANY of Kiriya's work, then you will definitely like this book too!
    Reminder, yes we did a version of this story in a Anthology but this is the original Doujinshi with extras not included in the Anthology.
    In any case that makes us have all three stories in Doujinshi form and translated!

Artist's Websites:

Kiriya's Blog

Kiriya's PixIV

Kiriya's Twitter

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title:  Minarai Majutsushi no Ninmu! (見習い魔術師の任務!)
English Title: Mission of a Wizard's Apprentice!
Genre(s): Shota, Yaoi, Shota x Shota, Shota x SYaoi
Original Print Date: 2010/10/10

Source: CUTE☆9
Original Provider: Shinjisan
Translation Release Date:
2014/12/19 {Blog}
Artist: Kiriya (霧也)
Circle: gymno
Parody: Original Series "Wizards Apprentice"
Pages: 37 + Credit Page
Total items in pack: 38

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Release 112: Ayano Ena [Alpenreise] - HE x HT (Katekyō Hitman Reborn!) {Trans - ENG}

Ayano Ena [Alpenreise] - HE x HT

Mirror Link

  • Raw Provision: Shinjisan
  • Translation: Blackpaws, Boutoku
  • Editing: Blackpaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun 

    Quick Blog Update & News: 
      As promised, here is another release!  There is not much news to announce news wise since yesterday except for a few small notes.
    First, I am in the middle of making a special holiday contest for you guys, it will be a word scramble type game using a special universal character set.  The first person to figure out the phrase will unlock the link to a special page of never before seen shota that will be available to everyone but someone must solve the riddle first.  The first person will also be eligible to e-mail us and receive a personal gift, if they decline then the offer will be extended to the runner-up (second one to decode the cypher).  There is much more to explain but we will cover that within the next couple of days when the contest is launched.
    A new addition to the blog has been made and this will be something that will continue beyond the holidays.  A seasonal/event based banner.  Anyone who wants to have their banner displayed on the blog can, just submit one that is 8" in width and 2" in height.  Since the blog e-mail isn't checked a lot, please make a comment on the most recent post to either inquire or say that there has been a submission.  The rules are quite simple - the banner must not contain fully nude characters and relate to the event/occasion that is depicted by the banner we put up.  I think this will be a fun way to have you guys participate with the blog as well as show off your abilities to your friends and community!  Naturally, the banner will have the creator's name like currently and the name of the artist's work used if not 100% original art.
    This is about it for the news today, remember to comment, like/dislike posts to help us know what you guys like and dislike.  It also gives the team motivation.  You would be surprised at how much a thank you or compliment could mean to someone.  Also, any questions or comments are welcome either on the forum or recent post's comment section.  Thank you all and enjoy this wonderful scanlation.

Brief Summary:

    This book is another Hataraki Bachi exclusive thanks to our dear friend and contributor, Shinjisan.
    What a great Katekyō Hitman Reborn! parody doujinshi.  This is an Enma x Tsunayoshi themed story. "The book of Enma and Tsuna flirting in hyper mode" according to the artist.  Being this is a short story I will not ruin it by mentioning exact details.  This story is a really cute, erotic love story between Enma and Tsunayoshi and revolves around this love and their desire "to become one."

   The artist who created this book, Ayano Ena [Alpenreise] isn't as well known as some other artists and this is our first work we have done of theirs.  However, despite the lack of material, this up and coming artist has some real talent as you can see from this book.  The characters are extremely well drawn and cute and the storyline is absolutely wonderful.  Whether you're a fan of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! or not, you will love this story, even those that don't like shota can appreciate the cute, gentle yet erotic love depicted in this book between these two popular shota.  Enjoy!

Artist's Websites:

Ayano Ena [Alpenreise] Homepage

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title:  HE x HT
English Title: HE x HT
Genre(s): Shota, Shota x Shota, ~Yaoi, Ero Love
Original Print Date: 2011/05/04

Source: Super Comic City 20
Original Provider: Shinjisan
Translation Release Date: 2014/12/14
Artist: Ayano Ena (彩乃えな)
Circle: Alpenreise
Parody: Katekyō Hitman Reborn!
Pages: 17 + Credit Page
Total items in pack: 18

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Release 111: Kiriya [Gymno] - Please Give Me Tsubasa (School Boys) {Translated - ENG}

Kiriya [Gymno] - Please Give Me Tsubasa

Mirror Link


  • Raw Provision: Boutoku
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Editing: Blackpaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun 

    Blog Update & News: 

    The Holiday season is upon us friends!  On behalf of everyone at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee Translations, we wish you all a safe, wonderful, joyous holiday season.  This is the one time a year that everyone puts aside their differences and make time to help those that are less fortunate by giving back to the community, friends and/or family.  As well as spending time with our beloved friends, family and neighbors (and internet friends ;D ) the holiday season celebrates many important religious events.  We wish you all the best this season and a bright and beautiful New Year ahead.
    This leads to the next point, here at Hataraki Bachi: Busy Bee translations, we feel that during this time of peace, love and celebration that we should participate too.  The hiatus on the blog since Thanksgiving was not an accident!  It was to lower your expectations this year so we could SMASH them with loads of new releases, new artists and new material that has and is being released from Japan!
   The team and I have been hard at work as usual, working around the clock to bring you guys material that I seem to have a problem releasing in a timely manner... (Which is about to change, finally ^^;;)  I have some wonderful surprises for everyone, including my teammates and they have some wonderful surprises too!
   What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a wonderful scanlation of an awesome Kiriya book, ne?! 

   As of today and onwards, releases will resume an erratic yet constant pace.  (In fact, there is a day coming soon that will have three releases, each one is a doujinshi that is by the same artist and in a sense a series.  What artist? What is the series? Patience my friends!) Yes, releases will no longer be one or two a month, especially this month, in fact - I am drowning in material to release here! So, if you haven't yet, sign up to our RSS feed so you know the moment something new has been posted!  Checking back frequently is also a good idea!  The more visits I see per day, the more books will get released! How does that grab ya?! (Either way the books will get released but you guys can make it happen even sooner than planned!)  Lastly on this topic, this isn't some B.S. - expect a lot of releases hence forth!

   New languages are going to be added to our releases, not only will our releases be in English as usual we have items ready to be released in at least two other languages to accompany the English releases.  When these items are posted it will note the language in the title bar.  Now, do not get confused, material will be translated and released in English as usual but some titles will also be translated into Portugese, German and possibly Spanish too!  This way, everyone can enjoy our work without having to wait for someone to steal credit by translating our English version to another language "forgetting" our credit page.  Really, it is not about credit, it's about sharing with as many fans and visitors as we can!

    Next on the updates: The November, "What sex are you?" poll has been logged in the 'Poll Section' of our site.  Thank you to all of you who voted, this particular poll has given us an idea of what our fanbase is and what we need to do to expand our material so everyone is happy.  Happy visitors = happy scanlators!

    Last but certainly not least.  A friendly reminder,  Please don't forget to rate our releases and comment on posts/releases.  It raises morale of the team and helps us help you by letting us know what you guys like (or don't like) to see here.  Also, don't forget to tell your friends about or site - don't just link to the DDL's ;P
   And that is it for updates today.  Sorry it was so long but it's been a couple of weeks.  Now onto School Boys Shota by Kiriya!

Brief Summary:

    TThis 'School Boys!' book is a nice long one at 40 pages (including the covers)!  As the 11th installment of the series (not including all the 4koma's and small web releases), this doujinshi is truly a treasure.  Boutoku did an excellent job scanlating it and the rest of the team did an equally great job with everything else from the uncensoring, editing and proof-reading.  This story focuses on three of the 'School Boys!' characters that we love so much - our timid lil Tsubasa Ichinose, playful Sakuya Houmi, and pervy lil Tomo Moriumi.  Usually in the breif summaries I speak of the story a bit, so I will.  The two boys want Tsuabasa XD there, now go read it! Hehehe, this book was such a fun read I don't want to spoil any of it.  Kiriya has truly evolved this series into something so wonderful while keeping the characters relatively true to their original selves which is actually very difficult to do when a series progresses so much.  Here's to Kiriya, the Hataraki Bachi Team Members who worked on this and most of all our School Boys!  Enjoy the antics and ero fun that we have come to love and expect from the 'School Boys!' saga!  As a side note, the title alone demonstrates the other two boys' desire for Tsubasa-kun, I wonder if and how they will get him... I think you should go find out for yourself, now~

Artist's Websites:

Kiriya's Blog

Kiriya's PixIV

Kiriya's Twitter

Book Statistics:

Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title:  Tsubasa wo Kudasai (つばさをください)
English Title: Please Give Me Tsubasa
Genre(s): Shota, Shota x Shota, Shota x Shota x Shota
Original Print Date: 2014/05/05 

Source: Shota Scratch SP2 (ショタスクラッチSP2)
Original Provider: Boutoku
Translation Release Date:
2014/12/13 {Blog}
Artist: Kiriya (霧也)
Circle: gymno
Parody: Original Series "School Boys!"
Pages: 40 + Credit Page
Total items in pack: 41

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Release 110: Kokekokko Coma [Jido-Hikki] - Miuna's First Time (Nagi no Asukara) {Translated}

Mirror Link


  • Raw Provision: Ringoch
  • Transcription: Tester123
  • Translation: Boutoku
  • Type-Setting: Satoshi
  • Editing: BlackPaws
  • Proof-Reading: Sequi & Kingpin

Quick Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  The last poll has been logged in the poll section.  Today will be a multiple release day.  The new poll is a statistical poll.  In Japan most Shota material is viewed by girls and Loli by boys but it seems the western world has many more Shota fans that are boys.  Also, I am curious to the ratio of boys & girls and their sexuality that visit our blog - this will help us relate better with fans as far as material goes.  As always all votes are confidential, even from us - blogger runs anonymous polls so there is no need to fear being outed and what not.
   Also, I am excited to mention that we have quite a few releases this week, one is a three doujinshi Tsukumo Gou series, a special PixIV image set, and much more, the first of these will be posted today and tomorrow! 
Brief Summary:    
    A 'Nagi no Asukara' parody, This story starts out with Miuna-chan and Akira-kun taking a nice bath.  Soon, Miuna finds herself pondering over Hikari Akaname's Chinchin... Miuna is really wondering what her 'love's' chinchin looks like that she is a bit inquisitive...  To her surprise, after school, Hikari is having a sleep over with Akira-kun.  Being so curious Miuna can't resist to look at it.. From there the story takes off into a bunch of fun ero Straight Shota.  The artwork by this artist is absolutely wonderful and really cute, I like the attention to detail in most scenes and the bonus sketches that have been added both at the end and beginning of the book.  Even if you only like shota, I guarantee you will like this straight shota story!

Artist's Websites:

Temporarily Unavailable - If one has this artist's websites please mention in the comment box and I will update this as soon as possible.
Book Statistics:
Type of Material: Doujinshi
Japanese Title: 
Hatsu Miuna (初美海)
English Title:
Miuna's First Time
Loli x Shota; Straight Shota, Parody Work
Original Print Date:
Special Source:
(Comic Market 86 / コミックマーケット 86)
Original Provider: Ringoch
Kokekokko Coma (こけこっこ☆こま)
Jido-hikki (じどー筆記)
Nagi no Asukara (凪のあすから)
27 + Credit Page
Total items in pack:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Special Release 010: Atsushi Ohkubo [SQ◯ARE E◯IX] - Soul Eater Calendar & Image Promo (2011) [Edited]


Part I - Calendar Post Card Front

Part I - Calendar Post Card Back
Part II - Edited / Cleaned Image 001

Part II - Banner 001
Part II - Skull 001

Atsushi Ohkubo [SQ◯ARE E◯IX] - Soul Eater Calendar & Image Promo

Mirror Link


  • Raw Provision: Dari-kun
  • Editing: Dari-kun


Quick Blog Update:

     Hey everyone!  This was something I meant to share on Halloween but things arose that did not permit me to do so.  However, things are calming down now, especially after my birthday today and blog activities will resume the two releases a week minimum that I have set forth in previous posts.  Sorry for the delay but it will be worth it!  We have some great work to be shared and I simply can't wait to get these releases out.  We have surprises and scanlations to keep everyone happy for the rest of fall and well into the holiday season.  Thank you all for your continued support and visitation.
Brief Summary:    
    This is an EXCLUSIVE HATARAKI BACHI: BUSY BEE TRANSLATION release.  Meaning, this special Not-For-Sale Soul Eater Post Card Calendar has not been shared anywhere that I have seen nor found on the inter-webs.
    These scans and images are HIGH QUALITY and Large Sized!
    The artist of this work, Atsushi Ohkubo of Square Enix is actually the original Manga-Ka for the Soul Eater series.  Which, by the way, has a continuation series that was released not too long ago under the title "Soul Eater NOT!" 
    I bought this calendar a couple years ago and have been meaning to share these images with everyone and was awaiting the proper time.  There is actually a second half of this set based on the hit anime and manga "To Aru Majutsu no Index" a.k.a. "A Certain Magical Index" If you guys are interested in seeing the other half, comment here!
    For the Halloween and Day of The Dead celebration.  I scanned the images and calendar as well as edited the image's color and even made some cool skull/Soul Eater avatar/banner items.  I truly hope you enjoy this treat.

    This set has been broken down into two segments:

Part I  = Edited & Cleaned - Promotional Calendar Version

Part II = Edited, Cropped & Cleaned - Post Card Images with out the Calendar portion, (Large) plus Soul Eater Banners & Skulls of Varying Covers.  The images mage a great set and the extra stuff makes great for avatar and other similar uses!

    If you are a fan of Maka, such as myself, you will love the panty-shot images ^_^

    You will not find this anywhere else - If you do, then it came from here lol, ENJOY EVERYONE!

Artist's Websites:

  Temporarily N/A - Simply Search The Web For The Artist's Name and you will uncover wonderful things!

Side Note: Square Enix was affiliated with this artist on this project so maybe through searching their site you may find some more goodies.
Book Statistics:
Type of Material: Promotional, Not-For-Sale Post Card Calendar // Image Set
Japanese Title: Soul Eater 2011 Post Card Calendar
English Title: Soul Eater 2011 Post Card Calendar
Genre(s): Official Artwork, R-16 Shota/Loli
Original Print Date: Mid 2010 as Promotional Item
Special Source: Japanese Anime Convention; Square Enix Booth
Original Raw Provider: Dari-kun
Artist: Atsushi Ohkubo
Circle: Square Enix
Parody: Original Anime Series - Soul EaterSpecial Note: Official Artwork from original Manga-Ka
Pages: Part I = 13 & II = 19 + 2 Credit Pages + 1 Set Info .TXT file
Total Items: 25

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Release 109: Sabawo [380] - Worthless Demon and the Witch's Forest (Translated)

Mirror Link
  • Raw Provision: Boutoku
  • Transcription: Ginga
  • Translation: Ginga
  • Type-Setting: Satoshi
  • Editing: BlackPaws
  • Proof-Reading: Toki-kun & Sequi
Quick Blog Update:

     Hey Friends!  Hehehe, since everyone that voted asked for a Trick or Treat surprise so the trick was no post on Halloween but the treat is two releases, one is an internet & Hataraki Bachi Exclusive that you will not find anywhere else!  The next release will be put out in a little while.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN & DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS!  (Between Halloween and Dias De Los Muertos it's three days of fun filled fright, Halloween is 31st and Dias De Los Muertos is November 1st and Second!

P.s. My Birthday is in 4 Days!!! XD
Brief Summary:    
    This story features a demon shota named Ponkotsu who has the desire to go Trick or Treating alongside the humans.  Ponkotsu is a bit unusual for a demon as he looks like one.  His friend thinks he's silly and said he should be an incubus and to seduce some humans and rob them as well.  However, but Ponkotsu had a great reply.
    Ponkotsu is told a story by his friend about the Witch that lives in their forest and how the Witch can be especially violent during this time of year, their mating season.  Pokotsu thinks his friend is trying to scare him...
    Was his friend tricking poor Ponkotsu or is there really a horny witch on the prowl... You'll have to read to find out!

Artist's Websites:

Sabawo [380] PixIV

Side Note: Sabawo has two circles; one is '380' and the other is 'Transistor Angel.'  This work was produced under '380' hence why the link is to the Sabawo 380 PIXIV.

Book Statistics:
Type of Material: Doujinshi 
Japanese Title: Ponkotsu Akuma to Mahoutsukai no Mori (ポンコツ悪魔と魔法使いの森)
English Title: Worthless Demon & The Witch's Forest
Genre(s): Shota, Yaoi, Witch, Demon, Halloween
Original Print Date: 2012-08-12 (Comic Market 82 / コミックマーケット 82)
Special Source: Comic Market 82 / コミックマーケット 82
Original Raw Provider: Boutoku
Artist: Sabawo (サバヲ)
Circle: 380
Parody: Original Shota One-Shot
Pages: 16 + Credit Page
Total Items: 17